Introduce yourself in the World Securely

Core4Xtrreme designed advance control to protect your data and Privacy

Privacy and security that have someone in your pocket

Core4Xtreme is a messaging application designed to provide you high-end security control with the modern encryption system. We implement hybrid encryption system to established end-to-end secured Communications. Core4Xtreme employs Industry-standard AES256 encryption to secure your data. It ensures you to exchange the sender and receiver key distribution securely to prevent any intermediate attack and protect your data. Core4Xtreme developed the own secured decryption architecture to retrieve encrypted message.

End-to-End Encryption

Core4Xtreme allows you to make messages, calls, videos, document sharing, and group conversation. Some of your confidential data and personal moments are shared via Core4Xtreme. By Default end-to-end encrypted communication ensure you that aren't falling to wrong hand. End-to-End means you and your signed trusted party, nobody in here between you and your trusted partner. It just connects you with a secured trusted party, no data saving by Core4Xtreme. This is because your messages are secured with a lock, and only you and recipient having the special key to unlock and read them. All this happen automatically, no need to set any settings to turn on this. Additionally, every message you send has it's own unique lock and key to protect your Data.

Content Encryption

Data in Transit and Data in rest encrypted by fated encryption algorithm AES256. Core4Xtreme will encrypt data in your device automatically and protect you if any case you lost you phone and any other incident.

Faster and Secure Key Exchange

One of the most trusted method in cryptosystem is the RSA public key cryptography. Core4Xtreme used RSA-2048 bit public key cryptography to provide accurate Authentication process. For better user experience we used faster Diffie–Hellman Key exchange algorithm. Diffie–Hellman key exchange algorithm ensure that the desired recipient has the key required to decrypt the message.

Digital Signature

Digital signature used to add another layer security. It ensures the data integrity. Recipient must be verified the received data that originally sent by the sender and not altered. If recipient recognizes the data compromise in transit it will discard this.

Transport Layer Security

APP to Server communication is required for every communication between them. The TLS protocol provides an outer layer of cryptographic protection for already encrypted app to server communications.