About Core4Xtreme

Core4Xtreme is a up-to-date secure communication application with End-to-End Encryption for free calls, instant messaging, group conversation, audio and video conferencing collaboration platform with all type of file sharing (image, doc, XL, pdf, ppt, txt etc).

Why Core4Xtreme?

  • Confidentiality, reliability and privacy
  • Secured communication for call, messaging and file sharing
  • Share with your contacts and colleagues anything you want
  • Comfort in chatting from web
  • HD Audio quality with Lowest Bandwidth consumption
  • Voice clarity at any location to anywhere
  • HD Video call with any moderate network quality
  • Send quick messages to anyone
  • Connect yourself with team from anywhere

Texting and so much more.

Check out all you can do in Core4Xtreme.